As an autodidact artist, I feel like an explorer every time I open the door of our atelier backstube in Stuttgart. I have started painting only in my forties, so I feel like I have no time for repetition, too much to try, too much to learn. So please don’t expect to find a recurrent topic or even a style, you may not find it. My paintings are inspired by the people I meet and their stories, the nature around me, my travels or those that friends are kindly sharing with me and of course the many artists I admire. There are also some paintings coming from somewhere not always clear to me, I put them in the hmmm sections, dreams, intuitions, thoughts, souvenirs…who knows?

The ideas come easily, the creative process is more complex and challenging. While I deep dive into my subjects, there are great moments of joyfulness and eagerness but also apprehension and uncertainty; when these moments come I recall the wonderful Paula Modersohn-Becker:

“And if this New one doesn’t please you, console yourself at the thought that there will be a time when this New will be replaced by something Newer.”

Thank you for coming and coming back for the newer!

My latest work:


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Current exhibition:

Until Juli 31, 2023 at the Centre fortbildung1, Christian-Belser-Straße 79a, 70597 Stuttgart – Sonnenberg.
Opening time: mondays from 9 am to 3 pm or on appointment.

Next exhibition:

Do not hesitate to contact me for an individual tour of the atelier in Degerloch as well!

Children’s workshops:

22 Bilder für 1000 Drawings Stuttgart

Regular classes are taking place from Monday to Friday, please check the Children’s art school section for more information.

To view the latest kid’s works do not hesitate to consult the class’ page on Instagram.

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